12 Dec 2008

What is Aggregated Infidels?

Update Feb 2009

I have decided to widen the scope of A*I. The struggle for freedom and honesty is not just a battle between fideist religions and empirical science; it is ultimately between systems of control and systems of freedom. An authoritarian technocracy will be as crushing as any theocracy. The theo-technocracy on the horizon of our not so brave new world order is moving forward at a frightening pace.

I am therefore expanding the scope of Aggregated Infidels to include other forms of disbelief, not just religions. This includes political, scientific, neurosciences, technology and, yes, some conspiracy theories. Those who laugh at conspiracists will not be laughing for much longer as the term New World Order is now openly discussed and world government on the agenda we will soon be in one big prison. There are still parts of the world that are too disorganised to be effective in their controls. One serious option is to just move.

I hope this aggregation of feeds will be interesting. As have said below, the original motivation was for my own use and have put it on the net for the benefit of all. If the word 'infidels' sounds a little harsh then let me say it technically means 'non-believer'. Just because it is spat out by believers, especially Muslims, is no reason not to use it. Reclaiming perfectly good words is also part of the de-programming.

Aggregated Infidels is simply a collection of feeds from blogs written from the point of view of religious non-believers, be they atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, naturalists, infidels or whatever they choose to call themselves, so long as they do not believe in some supernatural entity.

The pages are laid out quite simply, with a short list of the most recently added blogs at the top, followed by either a brief article or introduction to a blog - depending on which page you are looking at - and then comes the core of the page with all the most recent articles from all the blogs listed. These are shown with the most recent article at the very top.

If you see an article of interest, just click on it and you'll be taken to the originating blog.

To add a blog read this.

Every blog has a short introductory article. To update any information just click on the blog title on the right column and this will take you to the intro and you can leave a comment there. All comments are moderated as this is the easiest way for me to see what I have to do. Therefore, comments will not appear until I've read them and acted on anything that needs doing.

Anything else I've forgotten to mention will be added here as when it is needed.

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