12 Dec 2008

How to Add a Blog to Aggregated Infidels

To add a blog to Aggregated Infidels (AI) is easy.

Firstly, make sure it isn't already listed. All the blogs are shown in alphabetical order along the right column.

If it isn't listed, then leave a comment here on this post - just click the comments link at the foot of this article.

The comment will obviously include your URL but also add a descriptive paragraph on what the blog is about and its particular point of view.

I will then copy your introductory paragraph and create a new post introducing the blog. At the same time I will add it to our feed and to our blogroll. Once I've done all that then you should see the comment appear below.

Note that all comments are moderated. This gives me the easiest method to see what I need to process, but it does mean that you won't see the comments go live until I read them.

If you need to update any information about your blog then don't do it here, rather go to the introductory post about your blog and leave a comment there.

I won't beg for a link back to Aggregated Infidels, but it would be good. I'll be making a small banner soon too.


  1. State of Protest is an online journal run by skeptics, atheists, and other alleged undesirables dedicated to the dissemination of pertinent rational activist information. We maintain the idea that information and critical thinking are key elements in making progress against the status quo of a religiously controlled and threatened society and world.

  2. Have updated the Navigation links. Sorry about that, but the change of blog name was not as smooth as I thought. I will update the texts as well to reflect the name change to A World Beyond Belief.

  3. AngieTheAntiTheist.blogspot.com is my blog about dangerous cults in America, faith healing, medical neglect of children in the name of prayer, and my general views on religion and atheism. It's also where excerpts from my upcoming book "Exodus from Zion" appear. This book details my life growing up in a faith healing cult, Home in Zion Ministires, with it's founder, my grandmother, Carol Balizet.

  4. http://the-secular-thinker.blogspot.com/

    The Secular Thinker is a blog about many things, mainly politics, society, philosophy, and religion, written from the perspective of a secular atheist. My goal when creating the blog was for it to become a place of discussion, a source of information, and a small step in the very long journey towards truth. The internet brings many people together, and I think that though debate and argument, those people can come to a better understanding of the world. Alone, we can accomplish little, but together, the possibilities are boundless. We live in a society where so much of the world's population believe in some sort of supernatural being, and, knowingly or otherwise, these beliefs influence daily interaction. I believe the in the potential of humanity to achieve greatness, but this pursuit is so often hindered by the presence of religion. I would like The Secular Thinker to become a place of education, information, fact-finding, debate, argument, discussion, understanding, contemplation, and cooperation that will ultimately lead us in the right direction to creating a better world for ourselves and each other.

  5. Camels With Hammers is a blog devoted to rigorous, often self-consciously atheistic philosophy that is both academically sophisticated and activist oriented. The blog focuses on ethics from numerous academic and practical perspectives, atheist news, videos, and novelties, and arguments against faith-based epistemologies.

  6. http://www.DangerousTalk.net
    Dangerous Talk is an atheist/progressive daily blog discussing the three most dangerous topics of polite conversation: Religion, Politics, and Sex. Our goal is to fight back against Religion and push for a more free and rational society.

  7. Science and Atheism
    Science and Atheism is a blog dedicated to scientific inquiry and atheistic thought.


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