12 Dec 2008

Burnt Sushi

Burnt Sushi
From the mind of a libertarian atheist

"Stealing the great wisdom of Socrates, the only thing I can tell you about this blog is what it is not. It is not a personal blog, and I do not detail the events of my own life, unless of course, they are relevant to some higher revelation (I wish I had more of those). By my own nature, I love to find inconsistencies in closely held truths by the masses (political ideologies, religion, laws, and of course, society), hence the name Burnt Sushi- once you burn raw fish, is it still raw?"

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An Apostate's Chapel

From An Apostate's Chapel About Me page:
"I am a former evangelical minister and college professor currently living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I am now an atheist, one who does not hold any belief in any god. If there is any divine or creative entity, I believe that he/she/it is probably conceived most accurately in deist terms. On Richard Dawkins’ 7-point scale of belief, I am probably a 6. More important to me than atheism is my embracing of a rational humanist philosophy of life, a world view that I am still developing and hope to articulate, over time, on this blog."

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Why Infidels?

Well, there are a number of overlapping, or at least interconnecting, modes of thought that are expressions of non-belief in a metaphysical or supernatural entity. I could have chosen atheism or agnosticism, naturalism or rationalism, or some other single or compound philosophy. However, I think the defining thing is the personal experience rather than the rationalisation of the existence or otherwise of some metaphysical being, and therefore my preferred expression is one of non-belief. The only existing word that literally means non-believer is infidel. It is also important to reclaim words and reshape their meaning; in this case to rehabilitate a word that is used in a negative sense by believers, or fideists. The battle, in my opinion, is between fideists and infidels.

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Billy The Atheist

(((Billy))) The Atheist

"I am (as the title may have suggested) an atheist. I am, to be more specific, a naturalistic atheist. I see nothing in the natural world which cannot be explained through natural processes. Just because we don’t have all the answers yet doesn’t invalidate the theories (you know, gravitation, elecro-magnetism, germ, uniformitarianism, evolution, etc.).

I was baptised Episcopalean, and then became a Unitarian (along with my parents). I went from non-comformist theist, to deist, to universal deist, to very soft atheist by the time I was 20. I realized I am an atheist right around my 42nd birthday. Okay, so it took me a while.

So what am I trying to do with this blog?

I’m not sure yet. I realized I was an atheist by reading (lurking) atheist blogs (most notably Atheist Revolution, the Spanish Inquisitor, and An Apostate’s Chapel). Then I started commenting. Now I am blogging.

Part of what I am doing is preaching to the choir. By writing about my experiences (and other people’s experiences), commenting on them, and trying to make connections, I hope to provice support, entertainment, and critical thinking. I don’t pretend that what I do is orginal, but I may be able to make some new connections.

The other part of what I do is to provide tools for theists to begin questioning their assumptions. Questioning is the single most important component of critical thinking. If you add logical processes to that, who knows what will happen?"

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A Human Mind

A Human Mind is a blog by Fabio.

I'm a 21-year-old, Italian Atheist (Strong Atheist, to be precise), Naturalist, Hedonist, LaVeyan Satanist, Scientific Humanist, Machiavellian, and several other things. Indeed, I may appear contradictory at times. I'm a Human animal, of the sub-species Homo Sapiens Sapiens and I damn enjoy it.

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Atheist Nexus

Atheist Nexus is a Community For Atheists, Agnostics, Brights, Freethinkers, Humanists & Skeptics.

Members create their own profile pages and post what are essentially their own blogs. The feed from Atheist Nexus is therefore already an aggregation of all their individual blogs. There is also a forum and chatroom.

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Asylum Joy

Asylum Joy is dedicated to news commentary from an atheist or infidel perspective. It is also building up links to websites of interest as sources of news, research and propaganda, from both the secular and fideist camps. Although most articles contrast between faith and reason, this is often expanded to include the polarities of freedom and control structures.

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Aakom is dedicated to the science and philosophy of religious experiences and altered states. Of particular interest is research in consciousness, as well as investigating the various philosophical positions regarding the so-called mind-body problem.

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What is Aggregated Infidels?

Update Feb 2009

I have decided to widen the scope of A*I. The struggle for freedom and honesty is not just a battle between fideist religions and empirical science; it is ultimately between systems of control and systems of freedom. An authoritarian technocracy will be as crushing as any theocracy. The theo-technocracy on the horizon of our not so brave new world order is moving forward at a frightening pace.

I am therefore expanding the scope of Aggregated Infidels to include other forms of disbelief, not just religions. This includes political, scientific, neurosciences, technology and, yes, some conspiracy theories. Those who laugh at conspiracists will not be laughing for much longer as the term New World Order is now openly discussed and world government on the agenda we will soon be in one big prison. There are still parts of the world that are too disorganised to be effective in their controls. One serious option is to just move.

I hope this aggregation of feeds will be interesting. As have said below, the original motivation was for my own use and have put it on the net for the benefit of all. If the word 'infidels' sounds a little harsh then let me say it technically means 'non-believer'. Just because it is spat out by believers, especially Muslims, is no reason not to use it. Reclaiming perfectly good words is also part of the de-programming.

Aggregated Infidels is simply a collection of feeds from blogs written from the point of view of religious non-believers, be they atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, naturalists, infidels or whatever they choose to call themselves, so long as they do not believe in some supernatural entity.

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